Welcome! It’s Opening Day for Motor City Expat which coincides nicely with the start of the Major League Baseball season…well, close enough anyway.

As a former member of the Detroit Tigers Front Office—and I do mean former, I left in 2000!—I still get a pang of emotion on the Home Opener.

What is it?! Why do I still feel it 15 years later?

Nostalgia. Those were good years with the team, but a lifetime away.

Home Sick. The excitement in Detroit on that day is like nowhere else…even Boston…sorry Red Sox Nation!

Loss. It sounds odd, but when I was with the team it felt like a family, a family I ultimately chose to leave.

Now that I’ve left Detroit and my real family, Opening Day is that much more poignant. And I only experience it through text photos of the TV from my mom.

OD from home plate

Even so, I don’t regret my choice to move on—life is an adventure, come share mine with me!

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