Hey, guess what? The hip young kids are moving to…Detroit!

The other day I stopped in at my favorite pet care shop, Pet Cabaret, to avoid the wrath of hungry cats. I was wearing my “Someone in Detroit Loves Me” shirt. It caught the eye of the clerk, who commented that one of his colleagues is moving to Detroit.

Detroit T shirt

Someone is moving to Detroit? I wonder if my expression was as slack-jawed as it felt.

This bold soul is Lily, and she was just in the backroom so we had the opportunity to chat—and it was wonderful!

Woodward Avenue

It’s hard to describe how it felt to be having this conversation: I’m in Boston talking with a woman who is excitedly describing her impressions of Detroit. We are discussing the difference in the cost of living, the driving experience, the nuances of the city, the neighborhoods…her enthusiasm is palpable…it’s like reverse déjà vu or something.

Not long ago I was sharing my excitement about moving to Beantown, explaining how different Boston is from The D. And friends, not all of it is better…did I mention the driving? Really, the key word is Different, not Better.

Lily’s friend got a job in the Detroit area, so she decided to make the move too; a fresh start, a new adventure. In Detroit.

Michigan Avenue in Corktown

I may not live there anymore, but I am so proud to hail from the Motor City.

Give it a try people…DETROIT ROCKS!

One thought on “THE D: THE PLACE TO BE

  1. That really was reverse déjà vu for you! I do love Boston too, but driving in the D is so much easier!!! And of course the cost of living is much cheaper in the D! 🙂


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