I am a huge fan of Christmas…my blood runs red and green.

But ever since I moved away from my family, well, it’s different.  I still love it.  I have three trees in my apartment, and too many ornaments for “just” three trees. (Yes, some don’t make it out of the box!) I associate Christmas with Home. Who doesn’t?


But I leave my home to go home to celebrate the holiday. It’s weird.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going back to Detroit at Christmastime…I must celebrate with my family!  It’s just, sometimes I wish they could come here, to Boston.  Just once.

Of course it won’t happen, the logistics and all…and Christmas is Detroit for me.

I’m still trying to get my head around this “two homes” thing.

So here is what Christmas in Boston looks like for me…well, pre-Christmas!…

Lambert's tree lot

My lunch hang-out, a market/deli establishment, becomes a tree lot after Thanksgiving.  I love walking through the pines, a mini-forest in the city!

Santa mum

My local grocery store sells Santa Mums every year.

Christmas lights on old house

I love when people play up the cool features of their homes with lights. I drive past this gem every day.

Available at my favorite local bakery…

Yule Log

holiday cupcakes

My living room.  I see the cats were busy with the tree skirt…

christmas tree

Who me?

christmas cat

It wasn’t her…

christmas cat

Some detail from the tree…

elf ornamentpolar bear ornamentchalet ornament

I’m happy my neighbors love Christmas too!


As excited as I am to head back to The D to see family and friends, and take a much-needed break from the daily grind, it’s hard to leave these sweet girls behind!

clooney and trix

Wherever you spend this Holiday season, I wish you peace, joy and love!  Merry Christmas from Motor City Expat!


  1. Merry Christmas Christina. Loved seeing your mother ‘s tree last year. Simply stunning in all the detail work. No tree for me this year because I have a condo in Traverse City now and am in town to just have the house ready for the realtor to see on Tuesday. I have been decorating a friend’s tree every year, though; probably nearing 2 decades by now. We love to sit by the fire, sip Bailey’s and just enjoy her beautiful and meaningful ornaments. It has become a tradition. Last year was the first annual wrapping-her-gifts-year because she likes the bows I make and the wide ribbon I use; no bags allowed under her trees! I’ll miss having my own tree up year round and decorated for each holiday or season. Most of all, this is my first Christmas without my mother. For 13 years, I took a decorated table-top tree with miniature ornaments to her apartment to help make it feel more festive. ‘Tis the season! Have a wonderful time with friends and family!!!


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