They say you need to get rid of the junk, the clutter, in order to make space for something better. Time and again this has proven true in my life. I donated a bag of clothes to charity, and then found the perfect sweater at half price. A relationship that seemed promising ended abruptly (oh that sudden emptiness), but ripping off those rose-colored glasses relieved me of his critical eye.

And now the Universe has filled that precious void…I have a new friend. Let’s call him E.welcome crop

E is kind, considerate, and engaging. We have fun together. He is interested in me: my thoughts, experiences, my dreams. He challenges me intellectually, and when we disagree…it’s ok.

I know, I know, these seem like basic requirements for friendship, but after my recent romantic forays, they are special qualities indeed.

We “click.”

I am content.

It’s not only when I’m with E…just knowing he’s in my life gives me a sense of ease. In fact, E is the man I thought I’d never meet. I didn’t think he existed. At least not for me. Yet here we are swapping ’80’s hair band songs and playing air guitar in the kitchen!

Of course as in all relationships, time will tell—but now, I am embarrassingly happy!

The other night we had dinner at Bronwyn in Somerville, MA. It was the perfect setting for a cold winter evening: rustic, dim and warm, the embrace of a cabin in the woods. The vintage vibe was right up this history lovers alley.

Between the ambiance, the exotic “mittle Europa” food and of course, my date—I was transported!


One feels like a Knight of the Square Two-top!


Eclectic vintage seating…just my thing!


Urnebes, a Serbian cheese spread…a piece of my own heritage that was new to me!

food collage

Spatzle with sausage and Schnitzel. These are foods I’ve only heard of, so eating them was really a treat!

gc cake

German Chocolate Cake! It has a denser texture and oats in the batter–not what we are used to from the corner bakery or from a box mix.

Many thanks to our waitress Jessie! She knew what she was dealing with, and gave us the space we needed.


Winter or Summer, for good food and a break from the norm, stop in at Bronwyn—I know I’ll definitely be back!


  1. This E. sounds like he’s all right. I hope he’s cute, too. More importantly, I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have met you!


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