The thing about moving away is this: while you’re still there, everyone says they are going to come out and see you once you settle in.  The reality is that visitors are a rare thing.

I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation.  People have their own activities and schedules to keep, especially if they have kids—then, its multiple schedules!

I moved to Boston almost four and half years ago.  My brother helped me move (THANK YOU!), but hasn’t been back.  In the first six or seven months my mom, sister-in-law, and two friends came to check out my new home.  My mom is the only person who has been back and in fact visits me regularly, at least once a year.  She’d better, because she’s also my Bestie!


And it’s that time again!

I’ll be picking her up from the airport this afternoon to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend, and the timing couldn’t be better.

I always go home to Detroit for the Holidays, so by the time Spring rolls around, the needle on my “mom-o-meter” is in the I WANT MY MOM range.  And this year…well let’s just say life’s thrown me a bit of a curve…and while I have a great support system here, I could really use some quality Mom Time.

We always enjoy ourselves—it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, we find fun in the mundane!  Grocery shopping, oil change, returning bottles, we rock it all!

Mother's Day Cake

Of course, her visiting Boston is a big deal so we’ll do some day-tripping, take advantage of the abundance of quaint towns and historic sites New England has to offer.  The states are so small here you can hit four in one day if you plan it out.  Last year, we drove up the North Shore (Massachusetts coast, north of Boston), and wandered into New Hampshire and then Maine…just because!  Even though I’m a “planner,” you don’t always need a plan to make a memorable day…especially with Mom.

While we don’t have an itinerary yet, we do have a few things on the list: John Adams Historical Site, Duck Boat tour of Boston, Frederick Law Olmsted House, probably another day trip but where will depend on the weather.

scrabbleAnd Scrabble! We’ll play Scrabble.  I mean, she will kick my butt at Scrabble.  Yeah, the writer isn’t much of a board game strategist.  And old movies too!  We love old movies like Come September (Gina Lollobrigida, Rock Hudson), and Let’s Make Love (Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand), and Golddiggers of 1933 (Ruby Keeler, Dick Powell).

I know that whatever we decide to do, road trip or low-key, I’ll have fun with my visitor!

Happy Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “I HAVE A VISITOR!

  1. We did have a great time even though it rained the first 2 days! I love my trips to Boston and enjoy everything we do there, as well as just spending time with you, Clooney & Trixie and getting to see Holly and Kyle again! Thanks again for everything!!!!


  2. It’s good to see how very close you and your mother remain although geographically distant.

    This was my first Mother’s Day without my mother and the sense of loss is profound. The phrase about the ‘loudest absence one can imagine’ applies. I know that she golfed many times in Traverse City so I choose to believe that she played a part in arranging for me to move here from my childhood home that was sold in February after 63 years of Baker ownership.

    I am grateful that Kristen visited me this past weekend. She, too, likes the historic features of my ‘new’ 110 year old house, but undoubtedly was more interested in the historic 142nd run of the Kentucky Derby. My Mother’s Day gift was dinner and….a Kentucky Derby glass to add to my collection!

    Question. Was it Mother’s Day weekend or Kentucky Derby weekend?



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