My recent visit to the Motor City was a lot of things for me, emotional in different ways.  I confronted difficult family situations, primarily the decline of my grandmother (who will turn 96 in September).  But it certainly wasn’t all sad.  I had some good visits with her.  I spent a wonderful day with my sister-in-law in Ann Arbor, and had a lovely evening with my aunt as well.  I got to attend our longtime friends July 4th party and had a blast, even though the police shut down the annual fireworks extravaganza! (No pun intended.) Not to mention my Partner in Crime, my mom–we always find the fun, even in the most mundane things!

Mom and I spent some quality time in The D this trip, and boy, was I happy—thrilled really—to see the work happening in my old hometown!  Beyond the physical improvements, the new light rail going in on Woodward Avenue, the new Red Wings arena and so many buildings being repaired and improved, it was exciting to see people out enjoying the city!  That may sound odd to people from other regions, but it’s a big deal for a city where, in the recent past, if there wasn’t a pro game or concert event happening—well, there just wasn’t much happening!

I made several trips into the city on this visit, so here’s a sampling of the sites for you to take in—Detroit Comeback City!

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