almost there through a porthole
Through a porthole on the ferry over…almost there!


stubby lighthouse

street 1



street 2

mackinac isl
So exciting to find a Michigan reference!
One of the “newer” homes on the island… 😉

hydrangea 1

hydrangea 2

hydrangea 3
Hydrangeas are everywhere, big and beautiful!

nice dogs

house 1

ghost house
We took a ghost tour, and then next day toured the inside of one of the homes. Two sisters lived here, women after my own heart: they collected interesting architectural pieces and added them to their home over the years.

ghost house 5

ghost house 4

ghost house 3

ghost house 2

house i stayed in
The house I stayed in. I was surprised to see it a year later on HGTV as a home for sale on Island Life!


toggery shpe
The first toggery shop I’ve come across, and haven’t found any since!
yachts at night
Wandering through the yachts at night.

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