Cuff, I wish you enough

You just never know do you?  Relationships that you think will last don’t, and those you assume will fade away… they become stronger, more meaningful than you could imagine. Back in March I wrote about my coaching days, and how those ties endure.  I had such a special moment last week that I just have […]

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The thing about moving away is this: while you’re still there, everyone says they are going to come out and see you once you settle in.  The reality is that visitors are a rare thing. I’m not complaining, I’m just making an observation.  People have their own activities and schedules to keep, especially if they […]

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lifelong bonds 93 chiefettes

Family. Friends. Lifelong bonds. Relationships I miss, left behind in Michigan. But there is another group of people I feel a lifelong bond with. I’m not sure how to classify them. They are truly special, but not family, and for the most part not “friends” exactly. Some of them are friends; our rapport has grown […]

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