“…born and raised in South Detroit!” – Journey, Don’t Stop Believin’

Steve Perry was likely looking out the window of his room at Detroit’s Pontchartrain Hotel at…Windsor, Ontario, Canada…when he penned that gem.

I’m not totally making that up.  Windsor is definitely south of Detroit, but technically there is no part of Detroit called South Detroit.  Perry told New York Magazine he wrote the lyrics one sleepless night in The D back in 1980, looking out the window…at the street.  Apparently “south” sounded better than the other directions.  Are Detroiters offended at this poetic license?  Heck no!  We belt it out every time it’s played at the ballpark, on the radio…or in a friend’s office in Boston.  Ha!  Take it from me, I know!

Why do I digress with ‘80’s rock folklore when I am writing about Detroit’s fabulous RiverWalk?  Because South Detroit, aka Windsor, Ontario, is just a stone’s throw away from RiverWalk!  I hung out there last summer with my mom.  RiverWalk is a 3.5 mile stretch along the Detroit River developed for recreational activity.  It was a gorgeous day as you can see, and for a weekday there were quite a few people enjoying the views of the Detroit River with us.  We relaxed in front of the Renaissance Center, a cluster of seven skyscrapers that distinguish the Detroit skyline.  Check it out…

3 thoughts on “DETROIT’S RIVERWALK

  1. It was interesting sitting there that day and listening to Lutheran Church Youth groups go by and asking each other what state they were from and their comments about Detroit! 🙂


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