Visiting Boston’s South End neighborhood is one of my favorite weekend activities. My friend Holly and I have brunch at Gaslight—delicious food and that early twentieth century vibe that warms my heart—then walk over to the SoWa Markets to see what’s new…or old as the case may be!

And no matter the weather, I enjoy strolling the streets, taking in the beautiful architecture and generally enjoying the fact that I live in this great city!

Here are some of the sites from this Sunday’s stroll…

Union Park Boston 1-31-16

Regardless of the weather, Union Park is a must for me. It was an unseasonably warm day in January, which was nice, but I kind of missed the “winter white” look!

Union Park Boston 1-31-16

I didn’t think to snap the actual park (sorry) but here’s the lay of the land, in another season, courtesy of Google Earth:

Union Park

I adore the wrought iron railings along the row…but I need to have a word with the people who decided white was the way to go for their property.

wrought iron rails

You may recognize the South End Buttery from the movie Spotlight. Rachel McAdams’ Sacha Pfeiffer meets an interviewee here. Trouble is, this eatery wasn’t around in 2001…but that’s ok.

south end buttery

There are several fun home décor shops in the neighborhood, and Hudson is a favorite of mine. They offer traditional with a twist.

hudson horse

And I just adore the back wall of the shop: former windows filled with my favorite thing, books!

hudson bookwall

One of the things that drew me to Boston, something I see all the time here, are buildings that have been adapted for a new use. I saw the Boston Penny Savings Bank as a work-in-progress many years ago on a visit:

Boston Penny Savings Bank construction


And here it is today!

penny savings bank boston chops

The canine residents of the South End are typically out in full force, and occasionally we see a feline—so sweet!



Do you have a favorite place to walk, city or country? Tell us in the comments below!


  1. It’s hard to beat the South End when it comes to architecture, shops, and restaurants. But someday you’ll need to stroll Charlestown and soak up the history!


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