I mean it.

I really love books.

I have books in every room in my apartment… Except the bathroom, it’s too small. When I walk into a bookstore, I inhale the way people do when they walk into a bakery. My heart beats a little faster, I get warm. This is all very normal. It happens every time.


I have no idea how this could be, but it’s been a few years since I’ve been in Brookline Booksmith. It’s been so long that walking in the door, well…it felt like the first time!

I took two steps, and stopped in my tracks: my inhale reflex was going into overdrive. I was fanning myself, and totally embarrassing my friend Holly.

I could smell it… I could feel it… I could hear it… the books were calling me!

Those poor books in the back of the store, I never even got to them.

In fact, I didn’t get past the front third of the store. My arms were already full of books (I couldn’t stop to look for a basket, I was on a mission), and Holly was ready to go anyway. I could have easily spent the whole day there.

What makes Brookline Booksmith so special?  The selection.  The sale tables are amazing, brimming with interesting titles, a refreshing change from the cheesy mostly made-to-be-a-sale-book selection at Barnes & Noble.

So, look what I got! All these books for 40 bucks! You can bet there are some History Fixes in this stack! (Check out my other blog, My History Fix the Fun Side of History!)

Brookline Booksmith purchase

And…on the way out I realized they have a used book department downstairs…panic! I didn’t see the used books!…  Yes, Holly had to drag me out of there.  Next time!

I’m not totally breaking up with B&N, I mean I do get good discounts there, but when I’m in the mood to hunker down and immerse myself in the browse, you can bet I’ll be heading over to Brookline Booksmith!  I think I feel a trip coming on very soon, in fact…

3 thoughts on “I LOVE BOOKS

    I too smell the air in a bookstore and I imagine it’s pretty close to what Heaven must be like!!


  2. Yes, when you start closing your eyes and smelling the books, I know I need to leave you with your “habit” for a bit!


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