One of the many great things about Boston is the never-ending supply of new places to eat!  At least it seems that way to me…

Allow me to introduce you to two recent discoveries, Brookline’s Clear Flour Bread and Johnny’s Luncheonette in Newton.  Okay they aren’t technically in Boston, but these suburbs feel like Boston neighborhoods to me, and they are both close to where I live, in Boston.

Clear Flour Bread


Clear Flour Bread

The experience of this teeny-tiny corner bakery begins before you even step in the door…the deliciousness hits you on the sidewalk…you have no choice but to enter.

Mickey Mouse delicious aroma
via TV Tropes

And then…wow!  I never really thought about how beautiful bread could be.Bread flower



I even love the counter!

bake counter use

I had been eating clean for a couple of weeks but my friend was having a bakery craving and wanted to go there.  I had no intention of partaking.  I left with three chocolate croissants.



Johnny's Luncheonette
via Johnny’s Luncheonette

Just hanging out in this fantastically retro space warms my history-loving heart!

The counter, the neon, the pendant lights and stainless steel panels were enough to make my visit worthwhile.  But guess what?  The food was great too!  It was a rainy Sunday morning and my omelet and potatoes hit the spot.  I also had a very special muffin:  around these parts the now-defunct Jordan Marsh department store is legendary, and their blueberry muffins are perhaps even more so!  Johnny’s has the recipe.  I’ve been hearing about them for years, and I finally got to have one.  Yummy!

Johnny's Luncheonette counter

Johnny's Luncheonette interior

Everything tastes better on Boomerang Formica…

Boomerang Formica

Sometimes the best places to eat aren’t the fancy-pants, pay-through-the-teeth joints.  Give me a place with character, good food with wholesome ingredients, and I’m a happy diner!

What’s your favorite kind of restaurant?  Is there an establishment near and dear to your heart?  Let’s talk food—share in the comments below! 




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