How does one have a day with a gaslight theme?  Have brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Gaslight…then head over to Restoration Resources, where they might just have a gaslight to sell you!  Both are located in Boston’s South End, one of my favorite neighborhoods to take a walk, shop and of course, eat.

Gaslight Brasserie du Coin has an early twentieth century Paris vibe: black and white, wood and vintage, a look I love!

Gaslight, South End, Boston

Gaslight, South End, BostonGaslight, South End, BostonGaslight, South End, Boston

I could just soak up the atmosphere, but the food is delicious too.  They have a great prix fixe menu for weekend brunch.  I should branch out, but I always get the Omelette Lyonnaise with potatoes, Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread, orange juice and coffee.  A great start to the day!

Restoration Resources is a great place check out, even if you aren’t in the market to buy old stuff…it’s like a museum!  They mostly have architectural pieces, both interior and exterior, including old hardware like hinges, locks, pocket door hardware and drawer pulls.

Stained glass windows

Marble architectural details

I thought I might buy one of these marble details…until I checked the price…$100 and up.  A fair price, just not in my budget!

Antique stove

This shop really is part museum, as some items, such as this stove, aren’t for sale!

Mid-Century Modern

No era is exempt!  Some fun Mid-Century Modern…

TV audience laugh sign

The light that cued a live TV audience (just in case it wasn’t really that funny)…  And maybe that show was seen on this futuristic device!  (Neither of these items are available to purchase.)

Old Television

TV in a Victorian mantle piece

Speaking of television…I’m not sure how I feel about framing a wall-mount TV with part of a Victorian mantle, but it’s an idea.

Victorian sideboard

I wasn’t able to capture the scale of this gorgeous sideboard, a fine example of the Victorian theme, “death in the dining room.”  This gem is sold!

Victorian door hardware

The Victorians loved to embellish.  These locking mechanisms are just beautiful.

Sinks and mantles


Stair parts

Old nails

A bucket of old nails!

Iron Elements

Cast Iron Column

I love this cast iron column.

Steamer trunk, BSO

A steamer trunk once owned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  You can’t have it, it’s sold.

Steampunk fan light

A fan turned light fixture…sure, why not? It’s kind of Steampunk, don’t you think? (I assume it no longer circulates air—ha!)

As you can see, there is truly something for everyone at Restoration Resources!

What a fun way to kick off the weekend—great food in a vintage atmosphere, and perusing old stuff—a definite History Fix for me!

What did you do this weekend?  Do you enjoy remnants from days gone by too?  Let’s chat in the comments…

2 thoughts on “A GASLIGHT SATURDAY

  1. If I didn’t know, these pics remind me of Architectural Artifacts in Toledo, OH. Ever been to that place. Very interesting.


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